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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

forest lake mn rental home search

Hardwood Trail Apartments
  • Location: Headwaters development - south of airport.
  • Overview: Residential apartment providing 70 affordable senior housing units.
Forest Bay Lodge - Walker Elder Care
  • Location: Headwaters development project - south of airport.
  • Overview: Two residential buildings providing 206 units of senior housing.
Forest Hills Farm Subdivision
  • Location: Northwest corner of Trunk Highway of 97E and North Shore Trail N.
  • Overview: Single-Family Residential Development. Currently under construction.
Forest Ridge Townhomes
  • Location: 11th Ave SE & 4th St. SE
  • Overview: Affordable Housing – Rental Townhomes - Nearing completion. Some units currently available.
Hawthorne Heights
  • Location: Goodview Ave and and 202nd St.
  • Overview: Mixed residential. Currently under construction.
Gateway Green
  • Location: 19th St. SW & Everton Ave., west of auto dealerships (west of 1-35)
  • Overview: Mixed use residential. Currently under construction. Some units occupied.
North Shore Estates
  • Location: North Shore Drive, east of "third" lake
  • Overview: Single-family residential
White Rock Ranch
  • Location: West side of White Rock Lake
  • Overview: Single-family homes on 5-acre lots. Construction to begin Spring, 2008.
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he City of Forest Lake is dedicated to providing friendly and efficient city services that enhance the quality of life for those who visit, work and live in the community.


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forest lake mn rental home search

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forest lake mn rental home search

Bay Park
Located at 9th Ave. & 17th St. SE
Bayview Park
Located at Bay Drive SE & 15th Ave. SE
Beltz Park
Located at 11th Ave. SE & South Shore Drive
Bixby Park
Located at 2nd Ave. NW & 7th St. SW
Bridle Pass Park
Located off of 210th Lane Ct. N.
Cedar Park
Located at 2nd Ave. NW & 7th St. NW
Clear Lake Park
Located at 5803 213th St.
Eagle Bluff Park
Located at Farnham Ave. N. & Farnham Dr. N.
Enchanted Forest Park
Located on 4th St. SE at 8th Ave. SE
Forest Preserve Park
Located at 20809 Granada Ave. N.
Kulenkamp Park
Located off of North Shore Trail on 230th St. N.
Lakeside Park
Located in downtown Forest Lake at East Broadway off of Lake Street.
Manor Park
Located at Harrow Ave. N. & 213th St. N.
North Shore Circle Park
Includes two lots at 7621 and 7759 North Shore Circle
Schilling Park
Located at 7th Ave. NW & 5th St. NW (Schilling Circle)
Shawn Silvera Memorial Park
located off of Evergreen Circle
Sherwood Park
Located at 8787 212th St. N.
Shields Lake Park
Located at Imperial Ave. N. & 210th St. N.
Skateboard Park
Located at 21350 Forest Blvd N.
Southview Park
Off Georgia Ave. N. (between Forest Blvd. & Georgia)
Summerfields Landing Park
Located off of 206th St. N. & Everton Ave. N.
Tower Park
4th St. SW & 8th Ave. SW (by City Maintenance Department & Senior Center)